How Social Good Summit Is Unfolding on Social Media


Social Good Summit 2014 marks the fifth-annual congregation of some of the world’s brightest minds in the social good space. While the event takes place in New York City, the conversations on social media extend the event to a global audience.

Thousands of people will join the #2030NOW discussions on Sept. 21 and 22 to contribute, connect and debate topics such as the proliferation of technology, global education opportunities, climate change and much more

Mashable will be curating some of the most thought-provoking conversations and social media commentary, provided via RebelMouse, below.

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Inspiring Quotes From Social Good Summit 2014


The fifth annual Social Good Summit is upon us, where some of the most innovative minds in social good come together in New York City to discuss ways we can help solve the world’s biggest issues. From climate change to women’s empowerment to global health, there’s an endless array of topics and thought-provoking conversations on the agenda about improving our society.

The theme of the Summit is #2030NOW, which addresses the challenges our world faces now and in the future, and on the need for long-term, sustainable solutions to these problems

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‘Beyond Right and Wrong’ Shows Forgiveness in the Face of Tragedy


When Richard Moore was 10 years old, he was shot in the face and blinded by a British soldier

Faced with his shooter more than 30 years later, Moore had an epiphany. “The first day that I found out his name, everything changed,” he said. “It wasn’t a soldier then. It was Charles … It was a human being.”

In Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness , one woman explores heart wrenching stories of grief and loss from conflict zones around the globe. The award-winning film, which has already been seen by more than a million viewers worldwide, is an intimate look at how people are able to rebuild after unimaginable tragedy, and the awesome power that forgiveness can play in the process Read more…

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Look How Many People Came Out for the Climate March


Environmental activists called for people to gather on the streets of their cities on Sunday to march in a coordinated worldwide protest, in hopes that it would mark a turning point for global warming

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, more than 300,000 people, including celebrities and politicians, descended on Manhattan for the so-called People’s Climate March

The organizers of the protest tweeted this video shot with a drone that probably gives the best view of the crowd gathered near Central Park, where the march started. Read more…

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Famous Faces Lend Star Power to New York Climate Protest


Actors, philanthropists, politicians and climate experts joined the People’s Climate March in Manhattan on Sunday, bringing even more attention to a protest attended by 310,000 people.

From Mark Ruffalo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Vice President Al Gore, the notable attendees had their portraits snapped and shared across social media.

Here we present the images captured by Mashable photographers, as well as those curated from around the web. Read more…

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Thousands March in Moscow to Protest Against Ukraine Fighting


MOSCOW — Tens of thousands of people marched through central Moscow on Sunday to demonstrate against the fighting in Ukraine and Russia’s alleged complicity in the conflict.

An Associated Press reporter estimated the crowd at around 20,000, although the city’s police department put the number at about 5,000.

The demonstrators chanted slogans including “No to war” and “The junta is in the Kremlin, not Kiev.” The latter refers to Russia’s contention that the ousting of Ukraine’s former Russia-friendly president was a coup. Read more…

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