Doctor Who Episode 5 Recap: A Very Timey-Wimey Bank Robbery


On any other TV show, the notion of having the characters do something completely out of character, something that they’ve never done before — get mixed up in a bank robbery, say — would signal that the writer’s room is out of ideas and the show is on its last legs. The ultimate example, of course, Fonzie jumping a shark on water skis in Happy Days, gave a whole new phrase to the English language to describe creative bankruptcy.

But Doctor Who , in case it isn’t clear by now, is not any other TV show. The unusual is embraced; change is constant and essential. This is why Who is so easy to pick up if you’ve never seen a single episode. Just as its central character is now on his thirteenth face (but twelfth Doctor — long story), just as he changes his companions (Clara is number 54, or thereabouts — again, depends on how you count it) and even redecorates his TARDIS every so often, so the show itself thrives on fresh concepts and new destinations Read more…

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Chris Taylor


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