Why Consumers Shrug Off Lousy Battery Life


At this point, pretty much every tech publication has reviewed the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and found them to be an improvement over the last models in every way

Except one: battery life.

Some reviewers, such as Geoffrey Fowler of The Wall Street Journal and Brad Molen of Engadget found the iPhone 6’s battery life was worse than the iPhone 5S. (The elephantine iPhone 6 Plus did better on this score.)

It’s not surprising that mediocre battery life has failed to torpedo the new iPhones

In surveys, consumers say the attribute is a big concern when it comes to buying a phone. In practice, though, consumers have shunned phones with superior battery life — such as the LG G2. Rationalizing that middling battery performance is the price you pay for bigger and better screens and greater connectivity, most consumers seem content to live with charging anxiety. Read more…

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Todd Wasserman

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