Aquaman Had a Big Role in ‘Man of Steel’ and You Missed It


SPOILER WARNING: What you are about to read could be considered a whale of a spoiler for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so stop reading now if you strive to keep your comic book movie experiences 100% pure and are basically no fun to be around at all.

Still with us? Whew, good, we ditched those losers.

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OK, so — you’ve likely already read that Aquaman got a nod in Man of Steel, when Clark saves workers from the fiery offshore rig owned by Merrevale Oil (a company that Aquaman has clashed with in the comic books). Clark goes down with the structure, is knocked unconscious and, as he is not the Man of Styrofoam, starts sinking to the depths in a blissful Messiah pose. Read more…

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Josh Dickey


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