Independence Could Be a Big Win for Scotland’s Film Industry


The current independence referendum presents the film-making community in Scotland with an unprecedented opportunity to develop a film culture befitting a modern nation state. They should seize it without hesitation.

That appears to be the dominant position emerging from a series of well-attended industry events exploring the potential impact of independence on filmmaking in Scotland.

It is often stated that Scotland within the UK gets the best of both worlds. But a cursory review of the current state of the country’s film production casts significant doubt over the truth of that statement.

Take, for starters, the disconnection between the outstanding quality of the existing and emerging talent base and the paucity of opportunities available. Recent successes include Paul Wright’s celebrated debut feature For Those in Peril, Jonathan Glazer’s adaptation of Michael Faber’s novel, Under the Skin, and Sunshine on Leith, a musical based on The Proclaimers’ songs. Yet, despite these achievements, the industry in Scotland stands on shaky financial foundations. Read more…

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