How Andy Warhol Painted a Bathroom For $400


Andy Warhol was a young and quite unknown artist when photographer Ken Heyman met him at a dinner party in 1959. To help the struggling Warhol (and after some bargaining), Heyman agreed to pay Warhol $400 to paint a bathroom in his Manhattan apartment. This did not just involve a coat of paint

“When I arrived home, he had painted a tree, with the top touching the ceiling and the roots down to the bathroom floor,” Heyman recalls. “Then he had a rubber stamp, putting green leaves on the tree. Then he had another stamp, with red cherries, and then the last stamp was a butterfly, that he splashed with color. He also painted two calico cats, one on the floor near the tree, the other on the toilet seat.” Read more…

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via Mashable

Mark Bussell


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