Star Wars Gamers Choose the Dark Side — Especially in Russia


If you needed further proof that Russia has gone to the Dark Side of the Force, you’re about to get it.

Star Wars Commander, an iOS title that launched August 21, is Disney’s first major Star Wars game (and the first game to fall under the new Star Wars canon, having passed muster with the new Lucasfilm Story Group)

In its simple base-building strategy action, Star Wars Commander may remind gamers a little of Supercell‘s mega-hit Clash of Clans, although its producers told me they had something more like Starcraft in mind

Certainly, it’s got a long way to go before it reaches the popularity of either of those titles. Disney announced Thursday that Star Wars Commander had been downloaded 5 million times in the last 3 weeks — most impressive, as Darth Vader might say, until you consider Clash of Clans has 30 million players every day. Read more…

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Chris Taylor

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