The Weather Channel’s Forecast for 2050 Veers Closer to Doomsday


The Weather Channel’s three most recognizable names, Sam Champion, Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams, are featured in a new video that highlights the threats of climate change. The video shows a hypothetical weather forecast in the year 2050, using technical wizardry and relying on climate science projections

Perhaps because it’s such a familiar format — a daily TV weathercast — the segment is a surprisingly effective way at driving home how global warming could manifest itself in daily weather patterns by mid-century. It also represents an aggressive, almost advocacy-oriented, move on the part of The Weather Channel, which began covering climate change more routinely during the past two years after virtually ignoring it entirely for several years. In 2008, for example, the station canceled its weekly global warming show during NBC’s annual “Green Week.” (The network is owned in part by NBC.) Read more…

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via Mashable

Andrew Freedman

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