DiGiorno Pizza Accidentally Makes Light of a Domestic Violence Hashtag


DiGiorno Pizza is known for an active, irreverent Twitter feed, but Monday night, the brand made a serious misstep when it jumped in on a hashtag conversation about domestic violence.

The brand took down the tweet minutes later after harsh backlash, but many on Twitter took screenshots for posterity.

ICYMI: @DiGiornoPizza engaged with the domestic violence awareness hashtag #WhyIStayed last night. It went like this: http://ift.tt/WMyY1v

— Neetzan Zimmerman (@neetzan) September 9, 2014

This week, the hashtag #WhyIStayed became an online forum for women who have survived abusive relationships and stayed with their partners. The discussion that gained momentum after a video was released by TMZ on Monday showing former Baltimore Ravens running back punching his then-fiancée Janay Rice in a hotel elevator and dragging her out while she appears to be unconscious. (After the video leaked, Rice was consequently cut by the Ravens and suspended by the NFL indefinitely.) The conversation includes another hashtag, too: #WhyILeft Read more…

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via Mashable http://ift.tt/1CNwscc

Todd Wasserman


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