Deadly Once-in-1,000-Years Rains Wipe Out Roads in Arizona, Nevada


At least two people died when floodwaters swept their vehicles away on Monday in southern Arizona, as a deluge driven by a combination of moisture from a dying hurricane off the Baja Peninsula and the Southwest Monsoon season led to epic rainfall totals from Phoenix to Las Vegas and points in between

One woman died after her car was swept away and became trapped against a bridge in Tucson, and a 76-year-old woman drowned when her husband tried to drive across a flooded wash in Pinal County south of Phoenix. The majority of flash flood victims in the U.S. occur in vehicles.

Phoenix recorded its wettest calendar day ever, with 3.29 inches of rain falling in just seven hours, more than the desert city saw during the months of June, July and August combined. (The city has seen more rain in a 24-hour period, when 4.98 inches fell on July 2, 1911.) Monday’s total amounted to the second wettest 24-hour period on record in Phoenix. Read more…

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via Mashable

Andrew Freedman


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