Today Is the Wettest Day Ever in Phoenix


The remnants of Hurricane Norbert, plus moisture from the summer monsoon season, has led to an extraordinarily rare and debilitating Monday morning in Phoenix. So far today, 2.96 inches of rain has fallen in the desert city, which makes it the wettest calendar day on record there. This broke the previous record of 2.91 inches, which was set in 1931.

In addition, this deluge has dumped more rain in several hours than Phoenix typically picks up in an entire monsoon season during the months of July, August and September, according to a tweet from the National Weather Service.

The heavy rains have been associated with a large group of thunderstorms known as a “mesoscale convective system,” which is meteorologist-speak for an organized area of towering thunderstorms, each of which is dumping extremely heavy rainfall. Such storm systems are able to maintain themselves for hours, traveling across hundreds of miles in some cases. Read more…

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via Mashable

Andrew Freedman

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