iWatch Details Surface on Reddit, Suggest Rectangular Design


Specs and diagrams that supposedly depict the imminent Apple iWatch have appeared on Reddit. According to the information and images, the device will have a flexible touch display, be equipped with Siri and will be waterproof to more than 60 feet.

Reddit user OwenCarlyle posted the specs and CAD drawings of the device early Monday. The post is the only one the user has ever submitted, suggesting the name is probably an alias. The images have since been taken down, but have been reposted to other sites, including Cult of Mac .

The post says the iWatch will have a microphone and speaker, presumably for using voice command and getting feedback, but possibly to take phone calls as well. No less than eight(!) models will be introduced, in four colors and two sizes. The battery is said to last “over a day.” Apple is supposedly scheduled to begin the iWatch production run in January. Read more…

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via Mashable http://ift.tt/1tnbcU3

Pete Pachal


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