Cutting Corners: Silicon Valley’s Murky Relationship with Due Diligence


On July 1, Seth Bannon appeared before several hundred techies and investors at the New York Tech Meetup, the industry gathering where Tumblr and Foursquare made their debut.

Even among this pedigreed audience, Bannon inspired great interest. The company he founded in 2010, now known as Amicus, had raised nearly $4 million from investors and was the rare start-up that made money while doing actual good, helping nonprofits like the AFL-CIO and the Texas Democratic Party mobilize supporters. An Obama campaign alumnus, Bannon frequently appeared on panels at conferences like South by Southwest. He inspired mentions not just in tech publications, but in business and general-interest outlets like The Economist and The Atlantic , which gushed that Amicus had “helped activists in Minnesota and Washington win same-sex-marriage campaigns.” In 2012, he and his co-founder Ben Lamothe were named to the Forbes Read more…

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The New Republic

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