Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Defies Gravity for Your Listening Pleasure


BERLIN — Is there any real need for a speaker to be levitating? Probably not, but we can assure you that it looks pretty cool

A Taiwan company called ASWY brought such a gadget — well, a prototype, but a working one — to IFA

We heard it in action and while its sound failed to amaze us, it wasn’t bad either

The speaker is positioned above a magnetic stand (which also has an extra USB port) and can be spun at will (see Vine below), though this pretty much depletes its bag of tricks. You can just use it without the base as a regular speaker, but then you’ll probably be wondering why you spent on $150 bucks on it, which will be the speaker’s price when it hits the market in November. Read more…

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via Mashable http://ift.tt/1rUWYeZ

Stan Schroeder


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