‘Doctor Who’ Episode 3 Recap: The Doctor Meets a Legend


Doctor Who is a serious Sci-fi show. Look at Peter Capaldi’s face: It’s serious. And even though it’s a lauded drama, it can also provide comedy with a purpose.

As a matter of fact, it is in these comedic episodes where the audience learns the most about the Doctor’s soul. This is why we loved Donna Noble so much or why James Corden was such a favorite guest star in the Matt Smith era. These moments of comedy matter. And this is why episode 3, “Robots of Sherwood”, is so much more than a “filler” comedic episode.

In episode two, “Into the Dalek”, Clara and the Doctor went into “the most dangerous place in the universe”, where the Doctor was shown what was inside his mind: hatred. We’ve seen the Doctor shaken to his very core — that’s why writer Mark Gatiss, who is also Steven Moffatt’s co-writer on Sherlock — saw the opportunity for a seemingly lighthearted trip in the TARDIS. Read more…

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Andrea Romano


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