12 Hours in ‘Utopia’: On the Set of Fox’s Newest Reality Show


The path to Utopia is filled with winding roads — and I don’t mean that metaphorically

The set for Fox’s new reality show Utopia, premiering Sunday night, is buried in the mountains of California in a place that’s a little too north of the nearest Whole Foods and only accessible to those willing to brave the intimidating, dirt-filled paths that lead to the front gates

But it’s worth it once you get there.

“The compound,” as they call it, is a sprawling 5-acre area that has a few starter amenities — a fish-filled man-made lake, an open-air barn and a small pen where two cows and about a dozen chickens are held. The rest of the area is green, manicured, untouched and (I think as I walk through the giant wooden doors with seven other journalists) totally going to be ruined after the 15 Utopians get their hands on it. Read more…

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Sandra Gonzalez


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