On Docuseries ‘The Chair’, YouTuber’s Filmmaking Skills Put to the Test


Starz’s The Chair is more than a making-of-a-movie docuseries — it’s the answer to a question the movie business has been asking since videos on YouTube began launching their content producers into stardom: Can a YouTuber make a successful full-length film?

At least, that’s the journey for one of the show’s participants, YouTuber Shane Dawson, one of two directors whose filmmaking journey will be chronicled on the show, which premieres Saturday

Dawson and filmmaker Anna Martemucci, a film school grad whose work in short films has won her accolades, were given the script for the same movie and tasked with producing their first feature-length film. In the end, viewers and the public will watch both films and vote on which they liked best, with the winning director nabbing the $250,000 prize Read more…

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Sandra Gonzalez


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