Women, You Don’t Have to Be Loud to Be Good Leaders


It was a Friday afternoon in New York City, chilly inside the auditorium. Women crowded toward the front of the stage, their goodie bags spilling Luna Bars and lipstick samples into the aisles. For the first few hours of the conference, a parade of charismatic executives in color-blocked dresses had urged attendees to “speak up,” “sit at the table,” become vocal members of the C-suite.

The popular refrain for today’s latest women’s movement (Need I say it? “Lean in.”) is a tidy sound bite that encapsulates a powerful message. Sheryl Sandberg rightly encourages women to be assertive and test their fears, primarily in the workforce. Yet many women are misinterpreting this feminist battle cry to mean aggressive assertiveness, loud doggedness Read more…

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Stephanie Buck


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