This Smart Camera Knows If Someone Is Upset, So You Better Not Cry


BERLIN — Withings announced a small gadget that keeps tabs on your home, and even knows if someone is crying in the next room.

Similar to Dropcam, the device — called Withings Home — is a smart HD camera that monitors your indoor surroundings. Its super-sensitive sensors detect motion and noise and recognizes the presence of people; it will pick up on a tearful baby in a crib and send users an alert, but can differentiate those sobs from someone who’s feeling down

Withings Home ($219), which was unveiled on Thursday at the IFA 2014 tech conference here, comes with a 135-degree wide-angle zoom as well as night-vision capabilities, so it can pick up a wide range of activity throughout the house. It also monitors temperature, humidity levels and air quality. Read more…

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via Mashable

Samantha Murphy Kelly


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