Ollie Robot That Pulls Gnarly Moves Is Not a Poser


In skateboarding, an “Ollie” is a no-hands aerial stunt that looks impossible, dangerous and righteously cool. In the world of robot toys, an Ollie is a can-shaped two-wheeler that, despite its obvious lack of hands and a skateboard, can pull off stunts reminiscent of skateboard legend Tony Hawk.

A follow-up to the well-known and fairly popular Sphero ball robot, Ollie (it was called the Sphero 2B at CES 2014) is a remote control robot toy that takes commands from your iPhone or Android device

The robot toy launches on Sept. 15 with pre-orders for the $99 bot beginning the day before.

Effective as both a robot and a toy, Ollie is twice as large as the Sphero and because it has two wheels, it can perform eye-popping stunts. The ball-as-locomotion Sphero cannot Read more…

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Lance Ulanoff


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