Lenovo Vibe X2 Gives a Taste of Modular Smartphone Design


BERLIN — How do you put out something different in a world of smartphones that all look similar? Lenovo has an idea: layered design

The company’s new Vibe X2 is comprised of four layers (which you can see from a side view), with the front layer a bit smaller than the other three. It also accepts extensions, or add-on modules that can be easily attached to the back of the phone

It sets the phone apart from the rest of the Android pack, though the layered design seems to be little more than a visual gimmick. It does allow Lenovo to play with colors and materials, however, so the Vibe X2 will launch in five colors: charcoal, gold, white, red and bamboo (the back of the phone is actually made from bamboo wood). Read more…

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via Mashable http://ift.tt/1qA1xd6

Stan Schroeder


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