Jony Ive Reportedly Thinks the iWatch Is So Cool, It Could Sink Switzerland


Switzerland tends to lean neutral most of the time, but it might not have a choice in this one: Apple‘s Jony Ive is ready to bring a war to the country’s doorstep.

Ive, Apple’s lead designer, reportedly boasted that the company’s rumored iWatch will be so popular that Switzerland, a country known for its high-quality watches, could be in trouble.

The sentiment, reported by The New York Times , adds to the already feverish anticipation that Apple could release the iWatch at its upcoming event on Sept. 9.

Entry into the watch market would be Apple’s first new product line since rolling out the iPad in 2010. And it appears it is taking some tips from the Swiss; Apple hired a luxury watch executive that worked on Swiss brand TAG Heuer Read more…

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via Mashable

Jason Abbruzzese


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