The Deadly Mountains: Why More Inexperienced Climbers Are Dying


Two climbers and their guide were killed near the Aiguille du Midi peak of Mont Blanc last week, after falling an estimated 2,600 feet to their deaths on Europe’s highest mountain.

It was just the latest tragedy on Mount Blanc. Earlier this month, six others died when they were caught in bad weather.

The number of climbers who have died or gone missing on Mont Blanc since the climbing season began in June has now reached 20, making this the deadliest year for climbers on the mountain in more than a decade.

The deaths on Mont Blanc reflect a broader trend: as more inexperienced climbers attempt to scale the world’s highest mountains, fatal accidents are becoming far more frequent. Elsewhere this year, 19 people have died trying to scale Mount Everest in the Himalaya mountain range, and there have been six fatal accidents on Mount Rainier in Washington. Read more…

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via Mashable

Kari Paul


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