Ukrainians Arm Themselves in Preparation for Battle


KIEV, Ukraine —“There’s an old Russian joke,” a Ukrainian named Oleksandr told me, as we drove down a steep winding road on the outskirts of Kiev. “Russia has two problems: roads and fools.” He paused to negotiate a particularly tight corner, grunting as he leaned into the steering wheel. “Well, in Ukraine we have three problems: roads, fools and Russians.”

Oleksandr’s aphorism, leaden with Ukrainian black humor, articulated perfectly the mixture of anger and fear that has increasingly gripped the country. Convoys of trucks are now rumbling towards Ukraine purportedly carrying (much-needed) humanitarian aid for the country’s occupied eastern cities. Armored columns have already reportedly crossed the border. Kiev has said it may be the start of an all-out invasion. Read more…

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via Mashable

David Patrikarakos


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