Surgeons Have Identified the Ideal Female Belly Button


Hey you! Yeah, you! Feeling pretty OK about the way you look today? Got a little extra spring in your step? Well, stop it right now and take a look down at your stomach and get out your ruler! Because you — yes you — may very well have an imperfect belly button. I know, right? Like you didn’t have enough to worry about.

Via Daily Mail:

Surgeons at the University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, whose research was published in ASJ, analyzed images of 37 Playboy Playmates (really) to assess the ideal length, shape and position of the navel.

With the help of a computerized tool called an ‘Aesthetic Analyzer’, they established that a perfect belly button has a ratio of 46:54, and a midline horizontal position.

The ideal length is 5 percent of the length from the lower breastbone to the lower part of the vulvar cleft, and the ‘hood,’ or flap, is very small. Read more…

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via Mashable

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