300 Million Cubic Meters of Magma Are on the Move Within Icelandic Volcano


The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland continues to show signs of stirring, but it’s unclear what type of eruption, if any occurs at all, will take place. According to the latest information from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and other Icelandic government agencies, more than 700 earthquakes were recorded from midnight through 10 a.m. local time, indicating that hot magma was moving within the volcano, which lies beneath a glacier

Most of the new earthquakes have centered along the tip of a dike of newly formed rock that the magma is creating as it flows northeastward, approaching the edge of the Vatnajokull (Dyngjujökull) glacier, which is the largest glacier in Europe. According to the statement on the Met Office website, the dike beneath the glacier, like a freshly laid magma pipeline, is now about 22 miles long and contains a whopping 300 million cubic meters of magma, or about 79 billion gallons. Read more…

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Andrew Freedman


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