Government Shutdown? At Least Social Media Still Works


They can take away our government but they can’t take away our ability to complain about it over social media

The U.S. Congress failed to reach a short-term budgetary compromise last night, meaning a full fledged government shutdown commenced at midnight ET Tuesday to kick off the month of October. And despite the serious implications that come along with more than 800,000 government workers now furloughed, social media has been abuzz with comments of all types — from the maddening to the hilarious.

On NBC’s Today Show, Carson Daly asked viewers to share their thoughts using the hashtag #dearcongress, which elicited both heartfelt and humorous responses. The New York Daily News ‘ cover featured a bold “House of Turds” headline, which resulted in a popular #HouseofTurds hashtag on social media sites. (The headline plays off the Netflix series “House of Cards” about a win-at-all-costs congressman.) Read more…

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Kurt Wagner

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