We Made it to Mars Again! NASA’s MAVEN Satellite Settles In


Just as hundreds of thousands of people protested political inaction on climate change on Earth, a satellite swung into orbit that should help explain why climate change happened — on Mars

NASA’s MAVEN satellite, en route to Mars for the last 10 months, finally arrived in orbit around the Red Planet around 10:40pm ET Sunday night. This followed a tense 33-minute thruster burn as the satellite aimed to slow its speed down enough for Martian gravity to take over. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory was understandably thrilled

Looks like the engines have completed the burn and @MAVEN2Mars is in orbit! Navigation reports nominal cutoff and MAVEN in orbit!!!!

— Bobak Ferdowsi (@tweetsoutloud) September 22, 2014 Read more…

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Chris Taylor

How would you change ASUS’ Transformer Book TX300?

Dana Wollman is so well known as Engadget’s in-house laptop expert that, during Q&A sessions on the Engadget Podcast, people would call her “Laptop Lady.” Points off for not learning her name, but the honorific still stands to this day, and her…

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How to Empower Women and Girls Even More — With Technology


Social media and other digital tools are transforming the roles of women and girls across the world, policymakers, activists and tech leaders told the 2014 Social Good Summit on Sunday

United Nations Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin, noted children’s rights activist Graça Machel and Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and administrator at the United Nations Development Programme, joined a panel called “Women Power. Empowered Women.” Moderated by ABC News co-anchor Juju Chang, the discussion centered on the ways tech is informing, empowering and inspiring women and girls globally.

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How the World is Predicting and Preparing for Climate Extremes


If we look at the hard facts of climate change, science is telling us we’re running out of time.

That’s what Achim Steiner, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), said during a panel at the 2014 Social Good Summit on Sunday. Moderated by Mashable‘s senior climate reporter Andrew Freedman, the panel focused on what actions we’re taking to make cities more resilient in the face of climate-related extremes over the next 15 years.

Prepping society for increased climate change and extreme weather, as well as addressing mitigation challenges, is a difficult task — but there’s still hope. Read more…

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Doctor Who Episode 5 Recap: A Very Timey-Wimey Bank Robbery


On any other TV show, the notion of having the characters do something completely out of character, something that they’ve never done before — get mixed up in a bank robbery, say — would signal that the writer’s room is out of ideas and the show is on its last legs. The ultimate example, of course, Fonzie jumping a shark on water skis in Happy Days, gave a whole new phrase to the English language to describe creative bankruptcy.

But Doctor Who , in case it isn’t clear by now, is not any other TV show. The unusual is embraced; change is constant and essential. This is why Who is so easy to pick up if you’ve never seen a single episode. Just as its central character is now on his thirteenth face (but twelfth Doctor — long story), just as he changes his companions (Clara is number 54, or thereabouts — again, depends on how you count it) and even redecorates his TARDIS every so often, so the show itself thrives on fresh concepts and new destinations Read more…

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Home Depot Finally Emails Customers to Inform Them of Credit Card Hack


Home Depot has finally started to email customers to inform them of a major security breach — one that was first reported in early September

In the email, which starts out by admitting its customers may have heard about this already, Home Depot confirms news of the breach before offering customers 12 months of free identity protection services and credit monitoring

Home Depot told Mashable that the emails “started going out on Friday as part of the standard notification process,” but that they are being sent out “in batches to ensure they flow smoothly.” Which explains why some customers only received it on Sunday. Read more…

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